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Date : 2020

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Professional dancer Illana Gambrill opened up DanceBox 5 years ago, and the classes have been life-changing for all who attend.

Illana was unable to teach her classes in the studio during the first lockdown in 2020. She needed help with her new website and a membership platform which will allow her to teach dance classes online and run classes in the studio when the lockdown was over.

DanceBox was created to bring a fresh and empowering alternative to keeping fit, letting loose and remembering WHO YOU ARE!

Our solution:

We designed a bespoke website on WordPress. We went for a black and white colour scheme with a touch of rose gold, inspired by Illana’s mood board.

We also integrated a subscription platform for the live dance classes on Instagram and a WooCommerce store for her products.⠀

FOME Female also designed the logo for DanceBox.

Illana Gambrill
Illana Gambrill | Professional Dancer
Dance Box Mood Board
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