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Date : 2020

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Ciara Madden  |  Personal Trainer

Lockdown has inevitably had a severe detrimental impact on all businesses that relied on face to face interaction with the public to maintain revenue streams. The measures had a particularly catastrophic effect on the hospitality and wellbeing sectors.

But while many businesses struggled to pivot and find new ways of delivering their services, lockdown presented an unexpected opportunity for one of our clients.

Body By Ciara is a fitness and body conditioning business that, prior to lockdown, was a fairly typical wellbeing operation, delivering on-site, face-to-face fitness and exercise programmes to its many clients.

Ciara took the decision very early to pivot and migrate her business to a wholly digital offering, using a subscription model that allowed members to pay a monthly fee in return for access to a private Instagram page hosting exclusive fitness training and instructional content.

Our solution: Developed and built a bespoke, responsive website on WordPress.

We also integrated a subscription platform for the live workouts on Instagram and a WooCommerce store for her nutrition plans and products.⠀

We had so much fun designing this website, the layout and colours were inspired by Ciara’s mood board. ⠀

Body By Ciara has become a huge success. Nothing makes us happier than seeing our clients succeed in these challenging times. We are all very proud of Ciara and what she has achieved.

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