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How To Create A Killer Homepage

How To Create a Killer Homepage

Are you looking for how to create a killer homepage? Do you want to leave visitors with a long-lasting impression that will make them want to visit your website again? Come let’s show you how!

No matter how good your services and blog posts are, visitors may never get to see them if your homepage doesn’t sell you well.

Your homepage is the gateway to your website. It is the first place of contact that your visitors have with you. Consequently, it is no surprise that it informs the impression that visitors make about you. Your homepage determines whether or not your visitor will continue scrolling or close the website altogether.

With that in mind, it is okay to worry about your homepage. There are a lot of dos and don’ts that go into creating a captivating homepage. But if you do not have a professional to help you, you can get some expert tips from this guide on How To Create a Killer Homepage.

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Use good quality images

The human brain is designed to pick up images faster than texts. This is the fastest way to catch the attention of your visitors. However, this can be both negative and positive. Low-quality images may discourage visitors even more. Hence, experts advise you use only good quality images on your website, especially your homepage. You could go a bit further with some alt texts and captions.

Quick introduction

The purpose of creating a home page is to give an overview or a quick introduction to your business. Your homepage serves as a quick intro to help visitors understand who you are, what you do, and why they should proceed. This is a bit dicey because too long a story may discourage your visitors and too few details could send the wrong message too. This is why we always recommend an expert to create a killer homepage. It has to be simple, concise, and catchy.

Include reviews

Although this is not compulsory for every website, many marketers attest to the benefit of including some reviews on their websites. With lots of con artists online and on the streets, customers are getting increasingly worried about trying to choose where to purchase. This contributes to the longer sales cycle we are witnessing lately.

The review method is effective because some customers are better convinced of your credibility hearing from past clients. More like word-of-the-mouth referrals, these reviews could serve as proof of trust. This goes a long way to help visitors relax and trust in your services.

Include a face

Who is behind the scene? As we stated in the above point, customers are now getting worried about the person selling to them as much as the product/service you are selling. Gone are the days when customers sit back and wait to be sold to. Today, they are actively involved in the sales funnel, hence, prolonging the cycle.

No one wants to work with a robot. We have pointed out many times that purchases are emotional. If you can make your audience relate to the product or the people behind the scene, you have hacked the cheat code for building a loyal customer base. A good way to start is to include a face on your homepage.

Keep it organised

Now you know some of the essential contents that you need to create a killer homepage. What’s the next step? We must add that while there is tons of vital information that should go into your homepage, forcing it could lead to the opposite effect.

You should try as much as possible not to stuff your homepage with unnecessary images, clip art, and information. Instead pay attention to general design, user-friendliness, ease of navigation, page load speed, and other vital factors.

Bonus tip – Include a call to action (CTA)

Including a call to action on your homepage is a very smart way to engage visitors and encourage them to check out other features on your site.

However, call to actions buttons should be placed in such a way that they will be easily seen and accessible.

As marketers, one of your priorities should be how to create a killer homepage as your homepage is key to amassing traffic and eventually sales. We hope these tips help!

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